2.364 Yetnal Jjajang Myeon


4 (Wed) January 2012

Yetnal Jjajang Myeon


from Hyeongyeong

in my office

-Woncheon, Yeongtong, Suwon, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-


I couldn’t allow Cycle 2 to come to its conclusion without a final nod to my favorite dish of all time: jjajang myeon.

This is jjajang myeon at its most basic.  In light of all the fancy variations nowadays, some restaurants now refer to the basic form as “yetnal,” which literally means “old days” and suggests “old fashioned” or “old school.”  It consists simply of the black bean sauce without additional ingredients, such as seafood.  Some restaurants add potatoes, which used to be an essential component back in the day.

Unless I have reason to believe that a fancier version might be worth the extra money, I usually go with the yetnal.  4,500 won.

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2 thoughts on “2.364 Yetnal Jjajang Myeon

  1. I thought pyongyang naengmyeon was your favorite dish? (Yes, I know this is an old post)

    1. JJM was my favorite dish for as long as I can remember, and then at some point it became MNM. The flip happened sometime between January 2012 (this post) and June 2013 (when I did that MNM project), and I can’t recall but wondering if there’s a specific moment/meal that triggered it, and I wrote about it. I will see as I continue the migration.

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