6.298 Mul Naeng Myeon


30 (Fri) October 2015

Mul Naeng Myeon


at Pyongyang Myeonok

-Nonhyeon, Seoul-

with the family

The Prodigal Son Returns to Score Drugs, Day 1.

In Seoul.  Took sick leave and flew home today to get treatment for this cough that I can’t seem to kick, now into the 14th day.  Flying back to Manila on Monday.

So senseless that I forgot to take a photo until a few savage bites in.

For dinner immediately upon arrival, heading straight to the restaurant (see most recently 6. Mul Naeng Myeon) from the airport, only one thing in mind.

While mul naeng myeon may not fit the traditional definition of a “comfort food” — especially not the cold, austere Pyongyang-style to which I am partial — it is for me the ultimate cleansing/invigorating/enriching for the body/mind/soul.

Feeling better already.

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