7.155 Kimchi Batch 3 : Kimchi Tang


7 (Tue) June 2016

Kimchi Tang


by me

at Golden Fortune

-Ermita, Manila-

with RK, HRS, and K staff

Same recipe as Batch 2, applied to yet another different vegetable.  Hoping that the natural sweetness of the white cabbage would align well with the sweetness of the pickling paste.  Alas, I had used way too much salt in the initial salting.  To compensate, I added vinegar and sugar, resulting in a nicely tangy pickled cabbage, with a trace of spiciness.  Not kimchi in the traditional sense, but good in its own right.


Cabbage Cake (3.0) : a potential addition to the menu (see generally 6.233 The New Spread…).

Dinner with K staff, both a farewell for JSY and a welcome for YLP.

At Golden Fortune, over eight months since our previous visit (see most recently 6.261 Chopped & Steamed Garoupa…).

The kimchi tang — very likely the first ever home-cooked dish brought to one of these occasions — made for an excellent side dish, enjoyed by all, even the boss!

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