8.205 Mom’s Kimchi


29 (Sat) July 2017

Mom’s Kimchi


by Mom

at their home

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seoul-

with the family, Mom and Dad

Spent the past few days in Tokyo and beyond to oversee various preparations in advance of the upcoming Third Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentarian Forum on Global Health in August (see lastly 8.202 Clam and Spicy Soft Tofu).  Stopping by Korea for a few days on the way back.

I had experimented a bit last year with making kimchi (see most recently 7.166 White Cabbage Kimchi), but that was more of a quick-fix mak kimchi, which involves chopping everything up and mixing it all together, not the more traditional poggi form, which involves layering the ingredients within the layered leaves of a whole head of cabbage.

At last, Mom showed me the technique for her kimchi.  Unfortunately, as with all Korean women, she eyeballs amounts – “Just add about this much…” – so I’ll have to adapt my mak kimchi recipe from before.

Ever stylish, even while making kimchi – Dior sunglasses on the table.

I’ll say it again: my mother’s kimch is the best kimchi in history, objectively (see 5.070 Mom’s Kimchi…).

2 thoughts on “8.205 Mom’s Kimchi

  1. I made kimchi for the first time this summer! It was baek kimchi (since I have a low spice tolerance and didn’t have gochujang anyway) and it honestly turned out pretty decent. God awful amount of work though, especially compounded by the fact that I had little guidance apart from the wisdom of the internet and a Korean ex-roommate currently 500km away.

    I have gained so much more respect for all those who make their own kimchi…truly a labor of love.
    Your mother’s kimchi looks amazing.


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