10.102 Pork Bulgogi


17 (Wed) April 2019

Pork Bulgogi


by W

at home

-Dasmariñas Village, Makati-

with the Family

While the more standard beef bulgogi is soy sauce based (sweet and savory), the pork version includes gochujang (sweet and spicy) (see for example 6.141 Bon Jovi on Fire).

Now that I’m living in the Philippines, where improper food handling at one/some/many/all points of the distribution chain can result in meat/pork being a bit/lot funky/porky, the strong chili paste has the added benefit of masking any off-flavors – which makes me wonder if that’s how the practice got started in Korea way back whenever.

2 thoughts on “10.102 Pork Bulgogi

  1. This looks good! This dish is quickly becoming one of Becca’s favorites, which is amazing since she ate nothing even remotely spicy two years ago. Kudos to the W!

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