10.139 Oyakodon


24 (Fri) May 2019



at Kazunori


with the Family

Kazunori is a Japanese restaurant.  Opened 2017.  Located in Makati, amidst all the car the dealerships – indeed, inside the Mazda showroom – along Chino Roces near our home.


The food was hit and miss – in some cases, within the same dish.

The negitoro evidenced precision knife skills in the perfectly sliced scallion, but by leaving the scallion in a big pile outside the roll – presumably for artistic flair – rather than integrated with the minced tuna inside the roll, each bite felt inconsistent/imbalanced.

The karei fish had been so poorly deep-fried that it was squishy with oil, although the fish itself was tasty enough.

A few minutes into the meal, W said to the boys: “Daddy is never going to allow us to come back here.”

The tomato sauce for the omu-rice was quite nice, but the egg appeared to have been cooked in a microwave – perhaps in a bowl of some kind to get that dome shape – giving it that rubbery texture.

The worse dish was the oyakodon, egg so undercooked that it ended up like a slimy soup, and so absurdly overseasoned with soy sauce that my mouth was puckering for hours afterwards, even with just a couple bites.

When I complained to the server, the message was relayed to the kitchen, prompting the chef to come out and defend himself.   He asked me – ready for this? – if I’d ever tasted the dish before, because that’s how it’s supposed to taste.


The restaurant appears to be getting rave reviews, I suspect by people who are impressed by the fancy presentation but with no clue about Japanese food – about food.

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