13.004 Dal Makhani etc

Cycle 13 – Item 4

9 (Sun) January 2022

Dal Makhani etc


at Manokamana

-Namchang, Jung, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with RK

Manokamana is an Indian restaurant.

Songdo, with its tall glass buildings, reminds me of BGC.

To help me interpret the results of a comprehensive health exam that I took a little while back, I invited RK to lunch and asked him for a free medical consultation.  Fortunately, this is exactly what RK does as a practicing physician – at last, after 122 meals, my investment in this friendship begins to pay off.

Good news: I’m probably not going to die right away, at least not from anything shown in the tests.

Bad news: I will probably die sooner than later of something relating to liver cirrhosis, diabetes mellitus, or heart disease.   The obvious culprit is booze.  I’ll have to quit drinking, forever.  Fuck.  And pending further blood work, I will likely need to get on medication to manage my myriad conditions, forever.  Fuck.

Fittingly, RK and I met as staff in the Noncommunicable Disease unit at WHO.  I did a lot of work on NCD risk factors, including tobacco and nutrition, but not much on alcohol.



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