13.072 Chili Sea Bass

Cycle 13 – Item 72

18 (Fri) March 2022

Chili Sea Bass


at St Augustine

-Dogok, Gangnam, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with Mom + Dad

St Augustine is a Thai restaurant chain.

Located in the same building as Holee Chow.

The service was terrible, the floor staff consisting of 2 young kids with little apparent training/experience/aptitude, no supervisor in sight.  We had to request water, utensils, napkins, each individually – and every time, the server looked kinda surprised, as if we’d made a special request, like “Oh, you want … water?”  The fried rice came first … then, 30 minutes of nothing.  Even worse, we’d been seated first, and yet the other tables got their food before we did.  When we complained, the server explained that they had no control over the kitchen.

Only 3 parties, including us.

Me: What’s the size of a draft beer?

Server: It comes in only one size.

Me: So how big is it?

Server: The normal size.

The food was mediocre.  Everything was way too sweet.  The fish – a whole deep-fried sea bass, topped with a (too) sweet & spicy glaze – was way overcooked, rendering the flesh dry to the consistency of jerky.  By the time the fish and other dishes arrived, the fried rice had already turned cold.

This restaurant is henceforth BANNED.



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