Dear readers,

Now entering Cycle 6, this is a continuation of the same blog, which has been hosted for the past five years on a different site:

The reasons for moving the blog to this new site are as follows:

  1. After 5 years, I wanted a fresh look.
  2. Having generated so much content thus far, I wanted more flexibility and stability in managing the information on a professional platform; I’ll be hiring a consultant to set things up properly.
  3. In light of my growing public presence as an international civil servant, I wanted to start over on a clean slate, maintaining a heightened level of privacy from here on out, avoiding anything that would explicitly/directly link the blog to my personal/professional life – when Cycles 1-5 are eventually imported from the previous site, certain revisions will be made to eliminate existing links as necessary – not that I’m trying to establish a secret blog, just that I’d like to be discreet.

Otherwise, nothing else will change.


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