I’ve had 4 layovers in the airport, dazzled every time.  I look forward to visiting the country itself someday.

    1. Manila en route to Moscow (2014)
    2. Moscow en route to Manila (2014)
    3. Manila en route to Tunis (2019)
    4. Tunis en route to Manila (2019)

“QAT” is the 3-letter abbreviation for Qatar within the United Nations system.

These commercial eating establishments in QAT, as featured on GMTD, are arranged alphabetically.

Venues in other countries can be accessed via WORLD EATERY INDEX.

* recommended

** highly recommended


Hamad International Airport

  1. ** Al Mourjan Lounge (10.169 Mini Sliders) (10.174 Chicken Kabsa)
  2. Oryx Rotana Hotel (room service) (5.279 Assorted Hot Mezzah)

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