10.168 Mini Sliders


22 (Sat) June 2019

Mini Sliders


on Qatar Airways – QR 929

-Manila en route to Doha-


Mission to Tunisia, Day 1 of 6

In transit, heading to Tunis.  Attending the First Meeting of the Regional Parliamentary Forum for Health and Well-Being in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, 24 (Mon) to 26 (Wed) August – the official launch of the forum that our office had helped set up last year (see generally 9.332 Kibbeh Nayeh).  Very gratifying and exciting that parliamentarian engagement is spreading across the Organization, with the Western Pacific Region leading the way.


First look at the PAGSS business class lounge in Nino Aquino International Airport Terminal 3.

Happy to report that the lounge has the look and feel of a modern facility.

The food remains kinda crappy, though not as bad as it looked.


After an impressive first experience on Qatar Airways back in 2015 (see generally 5.279 Assorted Hot Mezzah, 5.286 Chili Mango Prawns with Asparagus Couscous), which has positioned the carrier at the top of the BEST IN CLASS rankings since, I was eager give it another go.

Alas, the second time wasn’t as grand.


First, the selection was rather uninspired – I realize how spoiled that makes me sound; I’m just saying.


Second, the food itself was competent but nothing beyond – I realize how spoiled that makes me sound; I’m just saying.

Incidentally, “mini sliders” is redundant.  And these weren’t sliders.

The cabin was also kinda ho-hum – I realize how spoiled that makes me sound; I’m just saying.

At least they provided pajamas.  I appreciate that “large” by middle eastern standards leaves me a lot of room.


First look at the Al Mourjan Lounge at Hamad International Airport in Doha, Qatar.

It was the biggest and most grandiose lounge that I’ve ever seen.

On one side of the lounge, a café that offered sandwiches à la carte – I didn’t partake.

On the other side –  like half a kilometer away – a buffet.

The food seemed fine, I suppose, though I wasn’t very hungry at the time (0600-DOH/1100MNL).

I look forward to seeing the lounge again on the return, at dinner time, when the options will likely be better.


As always, I am grateful for and respectful of the opportunity to travel, especially via business class (see BEST IN FLIGHT), including lounge access (see in BEST IN LOUNGE).  Any comments here, even the negative ones, are simply relative to other business class experiences, just for fun, not complaints per se.


On the Doha to Tunis leg, Qatar Airways made a much better showing.

Shahi Keema Mutter with dum biryani rice (2.5)

The cabin was elegant, the seat was tricked out, and the champagne was free-flowing.

The food was okay.




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3 thoughts on “10.168 Mini Sliders

  1. In comparison, my parents and sister just returned from a trip to China – apparently Air Canada now offers only a single meal for the 14 hour overseas flight (not to mention the connecting flight and layover time). They had to stock up on beef jerky and crackers to tide them over. Although to be fair, previously the food, though abundant, was crap.

    Of course, we are also relatively spoiled, considering we can afford air travel at all. 🙂

    1. i do hope it comes across that i’m giddy with joy and gratitude for such travel opportunities – even though frankly i don’t really find much joy in it while it’s happening, so exhausted am i by the work.

      1. Honestly, I’m just grateful that you take the time to document it, so plebs like me can live vicariously through your photos 🙂

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