1.064 Albab


10 (Wed) March 2010



at Suninjae

-Woncheon (Ajou University School of Medicine), Yeongtong, Suwon, Gyeonggi, Korea-


Known as “al-bab (알밥)” in Korean, which means “egg/roe” (al) and “rice” (bap), this dish typically consists of rice, kimchi, and veggies topped with raw fish roe and served in a sizzling hot pot. It’s most commonly found in Japanese restaurants here (though likely not in Japanese restaurants in Japan), sometimes as a stand-alone dish or as the final course in a multi-course meal.

Prior to digging in, I took multiple shots of the tray from various angles, standing up for some, getting down to table level for others. I must’ve made something of a scene because the manager of the cafeteria ran over with a concerned expression on her face and asked what I was doing. She thought that maybe I was taking photographic evidence of a cockroach or some other sort of quality control problem. Even after I’d tried to explain, she didn’t look entirely convinced. I was tempted to remark that I was documenting how lousy the food was, but held back.

Suninjae is a cafeteria.  Located in the basement of Ajou University School of Medicine.  It’s probably my least favorite place to eat in the world.


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