1.243 Pastrami Sandwich


5 (Sun) September 2010


at Puffin Café

-Hannam, Yongsan, Seoul, Korea-


Puffin Café is a coffee house.  Old-school, pre-Starbucks, free refills on brewed coffee.  Back in the day, Puffin was a standout for its food, including American-style brunch items, like omelets and sandwiches, before such things had become chic.  In recent times, the food has lost its luster, as if reflecting the ever-deteriorating premises.

I’ve been a customer for over ten years.  Located a couple kilometers from home, it’s my favorite place whenever I have work to do but can’t get it done at home (e.g., people are there and awake).  Coffee’s not that great, but the refills keep coming.  Comfortable sofas. Electric outlets readily available.   Even if not what it used to, I still love it.


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