1.295 Sucho Myeon


27 (Wed) October 2010

Sucho Myeon


at Geumjeong

-Sinsa, Gangnam, Seoul, Korea-

with MtG

Geumjeong is a Chinese restaurant.

Above the door, a sign reads: “중국음식 잘하는 집” = “A place that makes good Chinese food.”  Simple.  Brilliant.  It’s what first drew my attention to the restaurant as I was walking by.  Judging by the crowd, about 80% capacity, the food was in fact good or the sign was succeeding in luring a lot of first-time passersby, like me. So, I gave it a shot.

On the menu, sucho myeon caught my attention.  Having never heard of it before, I asked the server about it.  I had to point it out to her.  She shrugged.  She had also never heard of it, never seen anyone order it.

It turned out to be a stir-fried seafood noodle dish, similar to udong, but without broth.  Unremarkable.

May seem a bit unfair to judge a restaurant based on a single dish, especially an unusual one, but if it’s on the menu then it’s fair game.


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