1.303 Grilled Rib Fingers


4 (Thu) November 2010

Grilled Rib Fingers


by me

at home

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seoul, Korea-


The portable 2-tier grill is attached to a portable gas stove connected to a propane canister.  The 1st tier of the grill is a screen that diffuses the flames from the stove below, creating an even heat source, and catches the fat or other juices that drip from the 2nd tier on top, preventing the stove from getting soiled.  It works like a charm, employed by many solo campers in Korea (see for example 1.144 Grilled Yangnyeom Galbisal).

The smoke generated from the process renders indoor usage highly unadvisable. I hadn’t really considered the smoke issue as I was getting it all ready; after the first four pieces of meat, I shut it down and switched to a frying pan for the remainder

The meat was slightly off, perhaps even beyond the point of safety.  I finished it all, despite the unwholesome flavor, because I was starving, not having eaten in over 36 hours.


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