1.350 Espanoli Chicken Rice


21 (Tue) December 2010

Espanoli Chicken Rice


at Puffin Café

-Hannam, Yongsan, Seoul, Korea-


On my return to Puffin this evening, I did something that never done in over ten years of patronage: I ordered food that wasn’t a sandwich. The decision was mainly influenced by my previous experience, which demonstrated that their sandwich standards had fallen way below a level that I felt comfortable with. That left me with two choices, either breakfast platters or rice dishes. I thought about an omelet, but the menu just said “omelet,” without any additional explanations, so that was out. And I didn’t feel like eating bacon for dinner. Which left the rice dishes. So, when I saw “Espanoli Chicken Rice” on the menu, an intriguing if utterly absurd name for a dish, I knew instantly that I’d found the right meal. I should’ve been skeptical when the server, upon my inquiry, explained with an expression of extreme pain that the dish was “like chicken and rice … with sauce … but it isn’t curry….”, but it just augmented to the absurdity of it all. The suspense was killing me. Turns out that the sauce is just a tomato sauce, similar to a marinara sauce, but heavy on the thyme – not curry, indeed. Actually, it was okay. .

Incidentally, those are Korean side dishes on the plate, including kimchi and seaweed soup. Like I said before, Puffin is really losing it. In the interest of full disclosure, however, I admit that I ordered an extra helping of kimchi.


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