2.006 Chicken Bar


11 (Tue) January 2011

Chicken Bar


at Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium

-Bangi, Songpa, Seoul, Korea-

with W

The chicken bar is a Korean food thing.  Minced chicken – plus lots of filler, presumably – formed on a stick, deep-fried, seasoned with a spicy-sweet glaze. Commonly available, along with other similar items, at highway rest areas, streetside food tents, and convenience stores throughout Korea. Never thought to try one until this evening, when logistical necessity left me with no choice.  It will be my first and last.

My 8th Sting concert.

As part of his Symphonicity tour, Sting performed with the Korean Symphony Orchestra at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium this evening.  I rendezvoused with my wife at the venue, just 20 minutes prior to the scheduled start time, leaving us with no time for a proper dinner beforehand. A row of stands outside the stadium sold various foods, but the only things that could be smuggled into the concert hall were chicken bars and “toast” (i.e., grilled sandwiches filled with egg omelet and ketchup and sugar). 

Sting, performing “Roxanne” as an encore – despite what this photo might suggest, we had pretty good seats.

W took the sandwich, and I was left with the chicken bars. I ate half of one and tossed the other under my seat.


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