2.141 Set A: Dubu Hobak Jjigae


26 (Thu) May 2011

Set A: Dubu Hobak Jjigae


at Suninjae

(Ajou University School of Medicine)

-Woncheon, Youngtong, Suwon, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-


Whenever I happen to sit down for a meal in the cafeteria at work, which is rare, and the cafeteria puts out slop like this, which is common, I wonder what the foreigners think.  In the past few years, the sight of non-Koreans roaming the halls of the medical school has become somewhat commonplace with the growing influx of researchers and technicians from abroad, mostly countries in South Asia and Southeast Asia. They can be seen in the cafeteria at meal times, usually gathered together at a corner table and brown-bagging it (especially those wearing Muslim garb, which is understandable since the cafeteria obviously isn’t halal), but every so often with a tray of the daily offering.  And I wonder what they think about the food.

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