2.167 Fish & Chips


21 (Tue) June 2011


at The Wolfhound

-Itaewon, Yongsan, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with MtG, CBD

Usually pretty good, something about the fish & chips tonight was different, not in a good way.  It was either my lack of appetite at the time or my ever-pickier standards or, on their end, the food and/or cooking was off, like the fish was a bit greasy and more crumbly, making it nearly impossible to actually get a solid chunk of fish onto the fork, and the chips were somewhat limp.

Still, the female bartender with the short hair (I never bothered to get her name), who tends the 1st-floor bar at The Wolfhound, pours the fattest drinks that I’ve seen anywhere in the country.  Order the house special, a double Jameson’s for 7,500 won, and she’ll pour a triple.  Order another one, and she’ll pour a quadruple.  Order a third, and she’ll fill the glass until the whisky’s spilling over the rim. It’s as if she gives more to those who prove themselves worthy.  Or she figures that she’ll have less work to do by pouring more each time.

A few years back, on a Paris-to-Seoul flight via Air France, which was serving booze in those ridiculous 50 ml pocket rockets, each one sufficient to keep me occupied for as long as it takes me to swallow, I kept ordering scotch from the flight attendant, who eventually came back with 10 of them, five in each hand – I’m not making this up -and said, slightly exasperated, “Will this be enough?”

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