2.189 Chicken Caesar Wraps


13 (Wed) July 2011

Chicken Caesar Wraps


at Costco

-Yangjae, Seocho, Seoul, Republic of Korea-


Chicken, yes.  Wrap, yes.  Caesar, sorta, to the extent that it had romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, and some kind of caesar-salad-esque dressing.

Although the dressing wasn’t particularly great, the wrap still needed more of it to cut through the dry chicken breast.  In fact, the chicken was so dry that I had one of those moments where I swallowed a mouthful and stood there for about 30 seconds, not being anywhere near a source of water, while I could feel the lump of food ever so slowly and uncomfortably and painfully creeping its way down my esophagus.

I can’t imagine what kind of gathering would require that many pizzas on a Wednesday evening.

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