2.254 Assorted Sausages in Carbonara Sauce


16 (Fri) September 2011

Assorted Sausages in Carbonara Sauce


by me

at home

-Gangnam, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with HSK, JOL

Woodstock is a bar.  Located near Gangnam Station (강남역), an area teeming with English language schools and English language teachers, the management clearly caters to the younger expat crowd with the loud music (mostly rock and classic rock from their CD/LP library proudly displayed behind the bar), the types of booze (microbrews and other imported drafts), and the low prices (happy hour 10,000-won pitchers of local draft from 6-9PM, sausages were 12,000 won).

I’m definitely getting old, as evident in the need for me to point out that the music was loud. We were there because my friend JOL, who wears skinny jeans even though he’s my age, wanted to listen to loud music.

As a bar patronized by customers who don’t insist on anju, the food choices were limited to a few appetizers and snacks, such as these sausages smothered in cream – although labelled as “carbonara” on the menu, I’m 100% confident that it wasn’t carbonara, also that no Italian would ever make anything like it.  Further, from a punctilious perspective, the dish in all its fatty glory would appear to void the extreme diet that I had launched yesterday, but we shared it between the three of us, so the net calories were kept to a minimum.  Then again, we also shared 2 pitchers of beer.  And I had 3 double bourbons.  So, yes, maybe the diet is thankfully over already.

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