2.257 Fried Chicken


19 (Mon) September 2011

Fried Chicken


from E-Mart

at home

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with W and DJ

Although fried chicken straight up has always been one of my favorite foods and thus a happy choice for any given meal, I’ve been avoiding it at dinnertime during the past couple years because of the blog, especially within the current cycle’s self-imposed restriction on repetition.  I was saving the fried chicken post for a special occasion or for a particular plate of fried chicken deemed worthy of the singular honor.  After 310 days (see most recently 1.312 Fried Chicken), the long-awaited revenant turned out to be a bucket of cold bird on 30% markdown at E-Mart.  It’s pretty good in a piece or two as a snack, especially when it’s just out of the fryer, but not so much as an entire meal in itself, especially after sitting around for a few hours.  But the price of 5,235 won for a full bucket was irresistible.

I’m a huge sucker for E-Mart’s late-night, last-minute, everything’s-gotta-go sales.

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