2.278 Steamed Mandu


10 (Mon) October 2011

Steamed Mandu


from Apgujeong Kal Guksu

at home

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-


In contrast to the thicker, softer, bread-like shell of the bun-type mandu previously covered (see 1.248 Wang Mandu), the version presented here is wonton-style mandu made with thin skins that have a smoother, somewhat rubbery texture.  For convenience, home cooks and cheaper restaurants often use factory-made skins (i.e., “wonton wrappers”), as I do on occasion.  Mandu in soup dishes always feature the thin skins, as they hold up well in broth.

I arrived home late to find these mandu on the counter, takeout/leftovers from a restaurant where W and the kid had eaten dinner.  They were pretty good.

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