2.318 Pan-Fried Smoked Duck


19 (Sat) October 2011

Pan-Fried Smoked Duck


by CSW

at Wonsando Beach

-Wonsando, Chungchungnam, Republic of Korea-

with MtG + gf, CBD, et al.

Wonsando Camping (Day 1 of 2)

A subcategory of camping in Korea is island camping.  Along the west coast of the peninsula, the sea is dotted with numerous islets of varying levels of inhabitation where the beaches are largely unregulated and usually open to campers for free (see also 1.053 Franks & Beans).  Some of the islets are serviced by ferry to allow fully equipped car camping, whereas the more remote locations can be accessed only by smaller boats and thus necessitate backpacking mode. The greater the difficulty in getting there, the lesser the people, the better. Another plus is that the campsite is typically right on the beach with an unobstructed view of the ocean, which is especially nice at sunset.  On the downside, the wind and sand can be a pain, especially when they act in concert.

0430: We congregate at a 24-hour gamja tang restaurant near Yongsan Station and make merry while waiting for the train.
0550: The train departs.
0551 – 0959: We make merry along the way.
1000: We arrive at Daecheon Station in Boryeong.
Boryeong is a small seaside city renowned for its annual mud festival.
1015: After a short bus ride to the ferry station, we find a 24-hour Chinese restaurant inside the terminal.
KKH makes cocktails of soju, beer, and lemon-lime soda, shaking the concoction in the glass to make it frothy; he calls it “Milkis” (a local brand of cream soda).
1020 – 1120: Dubious drinks notwithstanding, we make merry until boarding the ferry.
1130: We board the ferry.
No merry-making allowed.
1200: We arrive at Wonsando.
1200: While my companions walked 6 km to the beach, I had to hitch a ride in the back of a pickup truck, having sprained my ankle packing last night.
1320: Everyone arrives; we set up camp on the beach.
1410: Severe winds force us to retreat behind a row of cabins.
We improvise tarps to block the wind; actually, it’s not just the wind but also the sand carried by the wind, which gets into the food and drink, and eyes.
14:30 – 02:00: We make merry.

The duck was from the brand Sel Duck.  Only available on-line and shipped directly to the customer, they claim to slaughter the duck, add seasonings, and package the final product upon order, thus eliminating the need for preservatives. They offer several variations, including smoked, soy, spicy.  Ready to cook, 10 minutes in a pan.  All pretty good.  15,000 won for a 500-gm package.

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