2.323 Tuna-Corn Jeon


21 (Mon) November 2011

Tuna-Corn Jeon


by me

at home

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seonl, Republic of Korea-

with W and DJ

Perusing through one of our “for kids” cookbooks, I happened across the recipe for this dish, which makes use of the 2 ingredients that our kitchen has in abundance.  We always have corn in the freezer because it’s DJ’s favorite ingredient.  At the moment, we have a ton of canned tuna in the pantry because my school gives the employees a gift on Chuseok, usually a choice between some food item or kitchen appliance or gift certificates, and I’ve always gone with the cash, but I forgot to fill out the form this year, so they sent me the food item by default, which happened to be a gift set comprising 18 cans of tuna.

This nontraditional jeon was an interesting way to use up at least 1 can.  The strong flavor of the tuna turned out to be a bit overpowering, maybe even somewhat fishy.  The addition of diced scallions or onions or some other aromatic could balance things out.  It’s worth another shot, if only to use up another can.

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