3.224 Godeungeo Jorim Dosirak

Cycle 3 – Item 224

16 (Thu) August 2012

Godeungeo Jorim Dosirak


from Bon Dosirak

in my office

-Woncheon, Yeongtong, Suwon, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-


Dosirak is a Korean boxed meal.  Includes rice, a featured main dish, and a variety of sides, all presented in a single container, sometimes soup in a separate container – essentially, a portable at-home meal.  Back before public schools began to provide lunch on the premises, the dosirak was how 100% of students would bring their lunches from home; even now, the food is served on trays, which is pretty much the same thing, only without a lid.  Though similar to the Japanese bento, the difference in concept is that the bento usually features small portions of several would-be main dishes, such as a mini tonkatsu, a couple pieces of sushi, etc., more for the sake of variety rather than convenience.

Here, the dosirak came in 2 containers.  One had the rice and main dish: godeungeo jorim = mackerel braised in spicy soy sauce, which wasn’t particularly good.  The other had the banchan, which also weren’t particularly good.  No soup.  Convenience aside, it was a rip-off at 6,900 won.



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