3.259 Godeungeo Kimchi Jjim

Cycle 3 – Item 259

20 (Thu) September 2012

Godeungeo Kimchi Jjim


by Nanny 8

at home

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-


Like kimchi jjigae, kimchi jjim is typically/ideally made with pork, but fish is an alternative.  Ideally mackerel, which has the fat and deep flavor to balance against the tart spiciness of the kimchi.  The difference is between lard and omega-3-fatty acid, one resulting in a broth that’s rounder and fuller, some would say “porky,” while the other is leaner yet richer, some would say “fishy.”

Kimchi aside, this was a beautifully simple, well-balanced meal.

Here, our nanny tried to make the dish with mackerel and kimchi but failed horribly.  The problem was that the kimchi, which under normal circumstances would be the absolute ideal for this dish, having been designed specifically for this dish, had fermented to the point of being so sour that it’s virtually inedible without special treatment.  Methods may include washing the kimchi and/or sautéeing it first in sesame oil and/or adding loads of sugar to the broth, any or all of which serve to remove/mellow/offset the acidity.  Apparently, Nanny 8 wasn’t aware of these tricks.



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