3.346 Raclette

Cycle 3 – Item 346

16 (Sun) December 2012



by Mom

at the cabin

-Changchon, Seowon, Hoengseong, Gangwon, Republic of Korea-

with Dad

Raclette is a Swiss dish.  Traditionally involves a wheel of cheese on a spit next to an open fire, where the melted cheese is carved onto a plate – the term derives from the French “racler = to scrape” – and served with various accompaniments, such as meats and potatoes.  Kinda like fondue but without the pot.  The dish is often made with raclette cheese, semi-hard mild variety, produced specifically for this purpose.  More common nowadays, especially at home, tabletop electric raclette are used.

This kind of setup could become very popular in Korea, being perfectly suited to Korean drinking culture, which always involves eating bits of food along with the booze, preferably cooking the food contemporaneously.

Would’ve been better with Swiss wine, but the fruitiness of the Spanish tempranillo worked well.

On a cold and snowy winter’s night at a cabin in the woods, raclette was just the thing.  As my father and I were drinking wine, my mother took the opportunity to prepare a raclette spread.  The effort was more about showing off her new toy – a two-tiered gizmo consisting of a central electric coil with a flat pan for grilling stuff on top and a slot for cheese coupelles underneath – rather than making us happy, even though we were happy.  She’d also managed to acquire actual raclette cheese.

Nanny 8: “A woman shouldn’t be president.” Me: “You mean Park Geun Hye shouldn’t be president.”  Nanny 8: “No woman should ever be president. We’re not cut out for that kind of pressure.”

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