4.076 Mini Ciabatta Curry Chicken Sandwiches

Cycle 4 – Item 76

22 (Fri) March 2013

Mini Ciabatta Curry Chicken Sandwiches


at Land Rover Range Rover Evoque event

-Cheongdam, Gangnam, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with AHY + KIT + CJH + KKH + YYH

This evening, Land Rover Korea hosted a promotional event for their Range Rover Evoque.

Although the model was launched a couple years ago, lackluster sales apparently necessitated a reminder to the public, or at least a certain segment of the public.  The venue was at an event hall in Cheongdam-Dong, the true Gangnam of Gangnam Style. Judging by the cars in the valet parking line, most of the guests at the invitation-only affair seemed to be current Land Rover owners, mostly bona fide Range Rovers.

I drive a Discovery, as does LHS, while KKH drives a Range Rover Sport (see 4.028 Memil Mukbab), which is how we got invited.

If Land Rover gave me an Evoque, I would sell it and use the money to pimp out my Discovery, starting with a Bluetooth-enabled Bose sound system.

The invitation had promised food and beverage, which turned out to be hors d’oeuvres and bite-sized deserts and draft beer and vodka-based cocktails.  Surprisingly, the sandwiches were pretty good – mini ciabatta + chicken + spicy curry dressing – much more sophisticated than I would’ve expected from large scale catering in Korea, even in Gangnam.  I’m not really sure that they’d qualify as “English,” but it’s an English car company, and the English are notoriously fond of curry, as well as small sandwiches; then again, in consideration of the current corporate ownership and the cultural origins of curry, the sandwiches might be better classified as “Indian.”  After scarfing down a few, we left and went down the street in search of other eats/drinks.

What I enjoyed most about the event was taking the photo of the sandwiches.  As shown in the b-roll images, the lighting in the room was extremely dim and purplish.  So, I was struggling to get a decent shot, when my companions saw my predicament and turned on their phone flashlights and held them from high above to provide bright, white lighting.


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