4.098 Blush Escape

Cycle 4 – Item 98

13 (Sat) April 2013

Blush Escape


at Blush

(Grand Intercontinental Hotel)

-Samseong, Gangnam, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with W, AHY + KIT, CJH + KKH. CSW + gf, HCY + HSE, LHS + YYH

Blush is a bar.

Located in the Grand Intercontinental Hotel.
The VIP lounge.

Blush Escape is a daily happy hour special at Blush.  Described on the signage as “2.5 Hours of Unlimited Food & Drink.”

The food was mostly finger foods and salads, not too bad for a buffet but not very good.

Fortunately, because AHY is something of a VIP at the hotel – the company that she works for holds many functions there – the bar manager provided us with complimentary fruit plate and platter of smoked salmon.

The wines, nothing that I recognized, were mostly Chilean – except for the bubbly, an Italian.

At 35,000 won per person, it was a decent bargain for someone like me, capable of downing enough booze in the allotted time – I probably pounded at least two bottles of the bubbly.  For most people, however, such as W, who had maybe half a glass, it’s not really worth it.  But I had a good time, and that’s the only thing that really counts.

The occasion was a joint birthday celebration for YH and KH, two members of our camping crew.  We started at Blush.  For round two, we went across the street to a Korean pub.  Finally, we went back to the hotel and had a nightcap in the suite that YH and HS had checked into for the evening.  Happy birthday!

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