4.216 Cheese + Pepperoni + Supreme Personal Pan Pizzas

Cycle 4 – Item 216

9 (Fri) August 2013

Cheese + Pepperoni + Supreme Personal Pan Pizzas


from Pizza Hut

(Dragon Hill Lodge)

at home

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with W

W had business on base – specifically, at the United States Army Garrison Yongsan South Post; afterwards, she stopped by Dragon Hill Lodge and picked up a few pizzas from Pizza Hut.

Koreans, whenever they eat abroad, invariably whine that the food is too salty.  They gripe, they grumble, they grouse, they complain, they cavil, they carp, they kvetch, they bitch.  And then they look around for the kimchi, presumably to fight sodium with sodium.  In fact, that dependence on kimchi necessitates some sort of salty/sour/spicy side dish with every meal, even non-Korean meals, which explains why pickles are served with pizza here.  As a result, the main dish itself, such as the pizza, is made to be relatively bland.  Having grown accustomed to a diluted form, Koreans are therefore shocked to experience the same dish in its fully-salted state overseas.  Even the pizza from Costco, which has actually been watered down a bit, tends to be too much for the local palate, though that doesn’t stop customers in the food court from making their own side dish, a mishmash comprised of the free diced onions, sweet pickle relish, ketchup, mustard – the most disgusting thing ever.

Back to the pizza at hand, I was surprised by how salty it was.  The Pizza Hut, operated by a different entity than the local company running the Pizza Huts around the country, like the other chain restaurants inside the US military installations, uses the original American recipes with ingredients flown in from the States.  That’s why I’d been eager to get a taste of America, even though I generally don’t like Pizza Hut, especially not the pan pizza.  But upon first bite, man, S-A-L-T-Y.  I guess my palate has changed, living here for so long.  And see, I’m whining about it.



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