4.250 Lemon-Masala Chicken Breasts & Mushrooms with Lettuce

Cycle 4 – Item 250

12 (Thu) September 2013

Lemon-Masala Chicken Breasts & Mushrooms with Lettuce


by me

at home

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-


The negatives of this diet thus far: (i) eating chicken breasts for dinner every night, even with veg on the side, is excruciatingly boring, as expected; (ii) the calorie restriction combined with the exercise made me so exhausted that I’d become vulnerable to catching a cold for the first time in years, forcing me to break the diet and eat some comfort food – half a bowl of rice and kimchi – to get my strength back up, and I’m still in a weakened state; (iii) the past week has produced the GMTD’s most uneventful series of posts ever, as expected.

The positives: (i) as for writing the posts, it’s been the easiest stretch ever, allowing me to keep up-to-date in a snap, albeit up-to-date on nothing; (ii) despite all the cheating, and just 3 days of exercise, I’ve lost 3.5 kg; and (iii) with some salt, and a touch more oil, some of these sketches could be developed into full-fledged dishes fit for regular rotation.


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