4.272 Chicken Curry with Raisin Biryani

Cycle 4 – Item 272

4 (Fri) September 2013

4.272 Chicken Curry with Raisin Biryani


at MIASCOR Lounge

(Ninoy Aquino International Airport – Terminal 1)

-Parañaque, Metro Manila, Philippines-


WHO Informal Consultation on Reducing the Harmful Impact on Children of Marketing Foods, Beverages, Tobacco, and Alcohol + Singapore Diet + WHO Health Law Project (Day 11)

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In transit.  On my way home.  Accomplished the two sponsored objectives of the trip, under the auspices of the World Health Organization Regional Office for the Western Pacific (WHO WPRO): (1) to participate in a technical expert meeting on finding ways to protect children from the marketing of unhealthy products; (2) to progress the health law project that I’ve been involved with since last year.  Accomplished the more important informal objective, on my own dime: (3) to visit Singapore and stuff my face.  A very productive 11 days.


At the airport, I spent a few miles for an upgrade to business class.  For one thing, it was necessitated by my baggage, significantly overweight from all the documents that I’d collected during the trip.  And after 11 long days on the road, I needed to relax.  Even before getting on the plane, NAIA is uncomfortable, with nothing to do, so the business lounge is where I wanted to be: free booze, free nosh, sofas, electric sockets, wifi.

The food was okay, as good as grub from an airport lounge could be expected.  I had a couple servings of the chicken curry over biryani featuring raisins: the curry, prepared in a South Asian style, was competent if unremarkable; the basmati rice itself was fluffy and fragrant; but if there’s anything that I hate more than fruit, it’s dried fruit, especially raisins, particularly when sneaked into other things, like cakes or granola bars or, I suppose, biryani.  Anyway, accompanied by a long and steady series of Jax Rox, I wasn’t complaining.


With a departure time of 2345, the in-flight meal was served just past midnight.

The food is prepared with slightly higher quality ingredients.

Ultimately, the food wasn’t that great.  Then again, I was already so stuffed and drunk that I wasn’t much in the mood.

One difference is in the hardware, like porcelain dishes, embroidered napkins, glass glassware, polished full-length utensils – all branded Asiana Airlines.
Another big difference is the bread, which is fresh and varied and unlimited.

I was seated in the back and served last, at which point only half of the breads were remaining on the platter, so the flight attendant offered to refill it with more, explaining that a bigger pile would make for a more impressive photo.  I politely declined but thanked her for recognizing the importance of food photography

Within minutes after my tray was taken away, I passed out, never even got to start watching a movie, but maybe that’s the point.

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