4.332 Manouche Falafel

Cycle 4 – Item 334

5 (Thu) December 2013

Manouche Falafel


at Beirut Fast Food

-Itaewon, Yongsan, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with MtG

The most memorable meal during last year’s Project 45/45/45, perhaps during the entirety of Cycle 3, was at Beirut Fast Food.  The owner/chef had promised that he’d prepare something “extra special” for me next time.  Yes, please.

Although I couldn’t stop thinking about the place since then, 364 days would pass until I finally got a chance for a second shot, at long last, this evening.  I had actually made a couple prior attempts, but it was closed on both occasions.  Fortunately, it was open tonight.  Unfortunately, the owner/chef was absent, leaving the kitchen to some woman who could only do a few dishes, lamb kafta not included.  Bummer.

So, I tried the falafel sandwich, which was okay overall.  The bread was as amazing as I remembered.  Indeed, on my recent trip to Egypt, where I learned that bread is taken very seriously in that part of the world, even at shoppingmallfoodcourtfastfood joints, I thought about Beirut’s bread.  The falafel was pretty good, though perhaps not as a sandwich ingredient.  Not at all what I’d come back for.

(See also 45/45/45)



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