5.013 Elephant Clams Sautéed in Black Beans and Chili

Cycle 5 – Item 13

18 (Sat) January 2014

Elephant Clams Sautéed in Black Beans and Chili


at Mesa Grill

(Greenbelt 5)

-Ayala Center, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines-


Greenbelt is a shopping mall.  Located in the Makati, one of Metro Manila’s most exclusive satellite cities.  The mall comprises 5 separate buildings, Greenbelts 1 to 5, each generally organized by status (e.g., Greenbelt 3 contains ultra-high-end labels, such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci).  An estimated – don’t hold me to it – 300 stores, 30 service shops (e.g., hair salons, mobile centers), 100 restaurants, 50 cafés/bars, 2 multiplex cinemas, 2 supermarkets – oh, and 1 church, why not.  All arranged on a sprawling complex featuring a man-made rain forest in the center, hence the name.  Kind of a pain, though, because going in and out of each building requires a bag/body search, as per Manila SOP.

Several other shopping malls are located within walking distance.  Never have I – and I’m from California – seen a country/city with so many shopping malls.

Mesa Grill is a Filipino restaurant.  According to the signage, “Filipino Moderne.”  Wide selection of seafood, meat, and poultry, including ostrich, in a variety of styles, from Philippine to Chinese/Japanese-ish.  Apparently one of the most popular places in Greenbelt, packed with customers, seemingly local, more lined up to get it, while neighboring restaurants sit empty.

Located in Greenbelt 5.

Laundry is a problem that I hadn’t anticipated.  I’d heard that most expats send their laundry to a nearby laundromat, or request pick-up, where the clothes are washed/folded for a small fee by weight, about 200 pesos (about USD 5) for a week’s worth per person, not including towels, sheets, etc.  In fact, my building has a laundromat on the premises.  However, the turnaround is 4 days (or more, over the weekend), 2 days express at treble charge.  As such, to get through the interim, I need an extra set of clothes, as well as towels, sheets, etc.  Unfortunately, I’d only brought enough for a week at a time.

Alas, poor me, I was forced to go shopping.  Although I currently reside in/above a shopping mall, Robinsons Place doesn’t have any stores that I like with clothing suitable for work – the dress code at WHO WPRO is “smart casual,” which means no ties required but dress pants and collared shirts.  I checked out Zara for the first time; some of the “basics” stuff is quite wearable, though most of the “fashion” items seem designed for gigolos.  And I don’t get why they sell leather – who wears leather in a tropical climate?

I found the food uninspiring.

I don’t understand the restaurant’s popularity



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