5.061 Sausage & Mushroom Pizza

Cycle 5 – Item 61

 7 (Fri) March 2014

Sausage & Mushroom Pizza


from Pizza Hut

(Robinsons Place)

in my apartment

-Ermita, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines-


Try Every Restaurant in Robinsons Place (28) (see also TERRP)

Yum! Brands is an international fast food empire.  The world’s biggest in terms of restaurant units, currently with 39,000+ stores in 125 countries.  Global sales of USD 14 billion (2011).  (By contrast, McDonald’s has 34,000+ stores in 119 countries, yet more global sales of USD 27.56 billion (2012).)  Originally part of PepsiCo but spun-off in 1997.  Family includes KFC, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut.

Pizza Hut is an American pizza chain.  Founded in 1958.  Currently 6,000+ locations in the United States and 5,100+ locations in 94 countries worldwide, including exactly 150 in the Philippines and 334 in Korea.  Famous for American-style pan pizza, though different types of crust are also on the menu.

As always, the point-of-sale advertising promotes excess.

I’ve always hated Pizza Hut.  When I moved back to Korea in the mid-80s, during middle school, it was the only pizza chain that had yet to set up shop.  But even as a teenager starved for American culture/cuisine, I avoided Pizza Hut.  I didn’t like the crust: not only unpleasantly greasy but also with a distinctive nutty flavor.  Ugh.  As far as I can recall, I haven’t had it since then.

Sold by the slice, precluding the need to pay for an entire pie, thankfully.

30 years later, it was as bad as I’d remembered – how about that for sense memory.

Even the hot sauce was crappy, strangely pink.

My personal trainer has me on a diet that allows me to eat anything, but reduced to 75% in volume.  So, I can eat Pizza Hut, so long as I don’t finish the crusts, which are crappy anyway.

(See also FAST FOOD)



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