5.113 Friday Special

Cycle 5 – Item 113

28 (Mon) April 2014

Friday Special


from Shakey’s

in my apartment

-Ermita, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines-


Try Every Restaurant in Robinsons Place (43) (see also TERRP)

Shakey’s is a chain of American-style pizza restaurants.  Founded in Sacramento, CA, 1954.  Currently 500 stores globally, just 60 in the States, mostly in California, but more than 160 in the Philippines, about half in Metro Manila.  Most regular-sized pies, each enough for 1-2 people, under 200 pesos.

Surprisingly, point-of-sale marketing for something healthy!
Alas, I was drawn to the dark side.

Having lived in California for 20 years, I can’t recall ever seeing a Shakey’s establishment before Manila.

The first principle of alcoholism: quantity over quality.

The Friday Special came with shrimp and mushrooms, two of my preferred pizza toppings.

My personal trainer advised that I could eat anything I want, but only 75% in volume.

It was okay.  The crust was very American, thickish and spongy, dry in flavor.  However, they need to work on the cheese:crust ratio, because each piece was essentially just 3 bites of cheese, then crust. The cheese and tomato sauce, as well as the shrimp and mushroom toppings, were all competent, if unremarkable.  I probably wouldn’t volunteer to go back for more, but I wouldn’t object if someone wanted to take me.

In the Philippines, “one wing” = the entire wing, which in the States and Korea (and maybe most countries?) would be separated into 2 separate pieces.




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