5.148 Mongolian Bowl

Cycle 5 – Item 148

2 (Mon) June 2014

Mongolian Bowl


at Mongolian Quick Stop

(Robinsons Place)

-Ermita, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines-


Try Every Restaurant in Robinsons Place (55) (see also TERRP)

Mongolian Quick-Stop is a “Mongolian” restaurant chain.  Founded in the Philippines.  Currently with 3 locations in Metro Manila.  The house specialty is the so-called “Mongolian” stir-fry.

At 155 pesos, the Mongolian Bowl represents a pretty decent value for so much fresh veg, a rarity in Manila.

Not sure where the notion came from, but “Mongolian stir-fry” is a dish in which various components, including veggies, rice/noodles, meat/chicken, and sauces, are tossed together in soy sauce.  At Mongolian Quick Stop, for example, customers choose the components.  I strongly suspect that this hodgepodge mixing of many ingredients – particularly vegetables, which can’t really even grow in the country because it’s so cold there – is a foreign construct that makes Mongolians scratch their heads.

From what I’ve heard and seen, Mongolian cuisine would seem to consist primarily of simple grilled meats, potato dishes, and/or meat/potato dumplings.

Although the order came with a choice of meat, I passed.

The food was whatever, about as good/bad as a bowl of stir-fried veg could be.



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