5.351 Chili Prawns

Cycle 5 – Item 351

22 (Mon) December 2014

Chili Prawns


at Harbor View Restaurant

-Ermita, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines-

with colleagues

As mentioned a couple days ago, CAL is leaving the regional office here in Manila and heading off to HQ in Geneva.  Today was her last day.

Fans wanting a final photo.
Before heading off to the restaurant, we all shared one for the road; another instance of full circle, this was the same wine that I’d brought to CAL’s apartment when I was first invited over to dinner.

Overwhelmingly and universally adored as she is, various groups of friends and colleagues have organized several official farewell parties for her over the past couple weeks, but this evening was an informal impromptu affair, just a few close friends hanging out after work in the few hours left before she had to catch her plane.

We sat down seconds before the sun touched the horizon

While I could go on at length about how much I’ve worked with her and how much I’ve learned from her, I’ll just note that I’ve eaten more meals with CAL than anyone in Manila.

When we parted ways, I refused to say goodbye.



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