6.022 Lean Shake : Strawberries & Cream


27 (Tue) January 2015

Strawberries & Cream Lean Shake


by GNC

in my apartment

-Ermita, Manila-


Some of these are good for the liver [from right]: apple cider vinegar, liver health formula, milk thistle, turmeric curcumin, plus melatonin to help me sleep in the absence of alcohol.

A recent blood test taken for medical clearance on my new contract showed elevated hepatic enzyme levels, possibly indicating fatty liver, cirrhosis, hepatitis, cancer (as one of my colleagues noted, with unmasked glee, “There’s always a chance of cancer, no matter how remote.” ).

I’m hoping that the numbers were skewed because of residual alcohol from the night before—yes, I’m perfectly aware that I’m not supposed to drink before a blood test, but I wasn’t aware that I needed to take the test until that morning, and it had to be that morning.

Retest, next week.

In the meantime, I have to flush out my system and get the numbers down to normal, assuming it’s not something chronic.

Of course, given my lifestyle, especially this past year living alone with loads of booze at my disposal, it could very well be something chronic.

Regardless of the results, I’m glad for the wake-up call.

In the gym this afternoon, I was flipping through a health magazine that someone had left behind and ran across this action plan–deux ex machina. I stopped by the supermarket and health food store on the way home to purchase peanut butter, milk thistle and turmeric tablets, and yoghurt. I’ll get the egg in the cafeteria tomorrow at lunch.

The shake was an impulse purchase.

Surprisingly quite good.  Like thick strawberry milk, straight up.  And it kept me feeling quite full until bedtime.

Not really on a diet, though the sudden weight gain is also problematic, regardless of whether it has affected my liver.

8 thoughts on “6.022 Lean Shake : Strawberries & Cream

  1. glad to hear the retest turned out to be normal! i can’t resist thinking that the first photo could indicate the vicious circle of hard drinking practice, though…but good luck!

    wait, “in the gym”–you started exercising in the gym?

    1. well, everyone in DNH is getting their photos taken in a couple weeks for the website, so i’m trying to shave off a few kilos to look pretty.

      1. to look pretty–ha! good luck with your best photo! btw, is it one of the new PIO’s initiatives or just for DNH? either way sounds like something along the line of being an international civil servant things.

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