6.036 Calamares a la Plancha con Alioli


10 (Tue) Feb 2015

Calamares a la Plancha con Alioli


at Casa Armas

-Malate, Manila-

with TL

Casa Armas is a Spanish restaurant. Located on Nakpil Street, on the corner of Bocabo.  No additional info.

IMG_9710 IMG_9689

Upon arrival, the place was packed to capacity.   While featured in Lonely Planet but not ranked very high on TripAdvisor (69 of 776 restaurants in Manila), I couldn’t tell whether the crowds comprised tourists (bad) or locals/expats (good).  In any case, I was quite excited, the first time that I’d had to wait in line at a restaurant in Malate, other than at fast food joints.

The food was solid.  Nothing stood out in particular, but the Calamares a la Plancha con Alioli seemed indicative of what the restaurant would have to offer overall: the fresh squid suggested quality ingredients with quick turnover; and the proper balance of seasoning in such a naked dish suggested a capable chef with a delicate hand; not dazzling, but way good enough.

Gambas al Ajillo (2.5)–gambas al ajillo has become, like har gao at a dim sum joint (see most recently 5.182 Har Gao), the first item that I order to assess the basic competency of a tapas bar; here, the shrimp were fresh and cooked just right, nicely seasoned, the only drawback being the slightly overbrowned garlic.
Pollo al Reina Regencia (1.75)–chicken bits and creamyish/thickish sauce seemed like something out of a can, the Spanish version of chicken a la king over rice; maybe this is Spanish comfort food?
Tortilla de Chorizo (2.5)–as noted in a prior post, the tortilla of Spanish cuisine is an omelette, nothing to do with the flatbread tortilla of Mexican cuisine (see generally 5.081 Home-Cooked Spanish Cuisine…).

I may consider eating my way through the restaurant….

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  1. like the interior of this restaurant. you already created the tag for the project! looking forward to reading posts on TEICA with your version of the menu. i feel this project should be promising.

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