6.047 Kimchi Jjigae


21 (Sat) Feb 2015

Kimchi Jjigae


by W’s aunt

at home

-Apgujeong, Seoul-


The Prodigal Son Returns to Shephard His Sons, Leg 2, Day 1.

Flew to ICN last FRI night, arriving at dawn SAT, hung out, back to MNL on TUE night with whole family in tow (see 6.043 Bibimbap), spent holiday with them (see most recently 6.046 Pan-Fried Egg Bean Curd…), flew again to ICN with everyone last night, arriving at dawn today, and back to MNL again tomorrow night.

On the way to the airport yesterday, wife and I had the biggest fight in recent memory.  Long story, short–in fact, I’d written everything out, but decided to delete, and mention it here just to record the date–I was completely in the right.  As far as our marriage is concerned, it’s all about being right.

In any case, I was so exhausted after getting home–having stayed up for the 3.5-hr duration of the flight to hold IZ in my arms because he kept crying in his sleep–that I slept for 16 hours straight.

Crawling out of bed at 2200, after everyone else had gone to bed, I just ate cold kimchi jjigae from the fridge–the aunt seems to think that I really like the stuff, because she always makes it whenever I come (see for example 5.358 A Typical Korean At-Home Meal).

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