6.064 Fried Sun-Dried Venison Meat


10 (Tue) March 2015

Fried Sun-Dried Venison Meat


at Bangkok Café & Bar (Suvarnabhumi (Bangkok International) Airport)

-Samut Prakan, Bangkok-


Mission to the Lao People’s Democratic Republic + Personal Deviation to the Kingdom of Thailand, Day 1. No direct flight from MNL to VTE, the trip requires a stop-over in BKK (see most recently 5.169 Kaeng Phed Ped Yang).

Both ends of Suvarnabhumi Airport features a food court with a variety of restaurants/cafés, mostly Asian in style.
Looking for something Thai, this place seemed as good as any…

Whereas venison isn’t a meat commonly associated with Thai cuisine, it is indeed eaten in certain provinces and occasionally available at restaurants in the bigger cities.

…particularly with an opportunity to try venison.

The venison here, not so good.  My first experience–the closest that I’ve otherwise come would be reindeer (see generally 3.184 Chili Jack Reindeer Sandwich)–I expected it to be dry, which it was, and gamy, which it wasn’t, though it did have an oddly sour aftertaste from some kind of marinade. But worth the novelty–at least I can add deer to the list of animals that I’ve tried and proudly proclaim to be one of the few people in the world to have had it in Bangkok International Airport.

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4 thoughts on “6.064 Fried Sun-Dried Venison Meat

  1. was it wild venison? I can’t imagine it being farmed, as there probably isn’t much market for that. But I don’t think Asia has any deer (correct me if I’m wrong)…so it must be imported?
    You should try moose, if only for the novelty. Not very tastythough, in my experience (like very tough old beef)

    Where I live, there are so many deer they’re considered pests, like squirrels. They break into people’s gardens and eat everything. Our roads have a lot of deer crossing signs, and drivers have to be careful when in rural areas.

    speaking of deer crossings, there was a hilariously clueless radio caller asking to “move” the signs…

  2. we have wild deer in Korea, but i’ve never heard of anyone eating them.

    i’ve tried moose sausage, which tastes like very strong salami.

    overpopulation is how many US states rationalize hunting.

    thanks for the deer crossing segment. the funny thing is, you’d think that the deer would’ve learned by now to move away from highways.

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