6.090 Shin Ramyeon BLACK


5 (Sun) April 2015

Shin Ramyeon BLACK


at Korean Air Business Lounge (ICN)



The Prodigal Son Returns to Celebrate Holy Week, Day 4 (see previously 6.088 Standard v Speckled Ribeye).

In the Philippines–arguably the most passionately Catholic country in the world–Maundy Thursday and Good Friday are national holidays.

I spent the extended weekend in Seoul, arriving early Thursday morning, flying back to Manila tonight.

At check-in, I was relieved to find that I am still an Elite Member of PR (see generally 5.363 Pasta + Sandwich for the Elite).

I can see how branding something as “black” might seem more appealing in the context of, say, booze or clothing or electronics, but not so much with food; this newer/pricier BLACK version of Shin Ramyeon (see features an additional powdered beef that turns the soup white(ish).

Funny, the last time that I had instant noodles at an airport was over 4 years ago in the Asiana Business Class lounge on my way to Manila for the first time ever (see 2.033 Roast Duck Noodle Soup).

2 thoughts on “6.090 Shin Ramyeon BLACK

  1. shin ramyeon in general is one of my least favorites.

    but i agree that it’s better in its regular form, which is cleaner/lighter in flavor.

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