6.155 Dough!


9 (Tue) June 2015



from Bent el Wadi [takeaway]

in my room (Kempinski Hotel)



Mission to Jordan, Day 2 (see previously 6.154 Shakshouka).

In Amman.  Arrived today.  Tomorrow thru Saturday, I’ll be participating in a workshop to support countries in strengthening their legal frameworks to restrict the marketing of junk food to kids.  Going back Sunday evening.

Bent el Wadi, a small Lebanese pizza and wrap joint with a wood-fired oven, located near Kempinski Hotel.

After checking in, just past noon, I ventured outside the hotel to get something for lunch and found this place around the corner.

Got a couple wraps to go, took them back to my room, and ate while I did some work.

Jet-lagged, I went to bed for a quick nap before dinner but ended up sleeping all the way thru.

So went my first day in Jordan.

1 JOD (Jordanian dinar) = about 1.40 USD

The food was pretty good.  The manouche — spelled on the menu here as “mnaqich” — was awesome, dry and chewy, with slightly burnt edges from the wood-fired oven for a touch of smoky flavor.  Confirmed, the Lebanese know their bread (see for example 4.334 Manouche Falafel).  However, I wasn’t too thrilled by the fillings, particularly the chicken, which included some kind of mayo dressing, making it too heavy.  But overall, a nice and tidy meal to start the trip.

Minced Meat with Kashkaval (3.0)  + Chicken with Cheddar (1.5)
It speaks to me in all languages.

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