6.160 Zaalouk-Crusted Chicken Breast


14 (Sun) June 2015


by Etihad Airways

on Flight EY 428

-Somewhere over Asia-


Scrambled Egg (1.0) — “with lamb sausage, chickpeas in yoghurt, lamb patty, and potato with tomato;” late night snack on Flight EY 512 from AMM to AUH.

Mission to Jordan, Day 7 (see previously 6.159 Memories of Hummus).

In Amman.  Arrived Tuesday.  Wednesday thru yesterday, I participated in a workshop to support countries in strengthening their legal frameworks to restrict the marketing of junk food to kids.  Departed last night, getting back to Manila this evening.

Arabic Mezze (2.0) — “a selection of Middle Eastern hot and cold appetisers.”

As noted on the flight going in (see 6.154 Shakshouka), I confirm that the food on Etihad Airways sucks.  Among the 7 items that I was served, the best ones were barely okay at best.

I had the same lousy experience on Etihad on a prior trip to Egypt a couple years back (see generally 4.301 Arabic Spiced Chicken…).

Not merely “Somewhere over Asia”…
… this is exactly where I was at the time of the meal — approaching Karachi airspace.

So, because of the crappy food, and the uncomfortable seating, and the cheapjack amenities — [and the fact that, as I write this post 1 month later, customer service hasn’t yet responded to my emails about the headphones that I left on board] — I will never again willingly travel on Etihad Airways.

Pulled Beef Sandwich (2.25) — “with barbecue sauce, cheddar cheese, grilled marrow, and turkey rashers.”

Starting a new feature on GMTD, a ranking of dining experiences on business class flights that I’ve taken (if I find the time, I might expand this to economy flights), including but not necessarily based on average rating of all items tried.


  1. Qatar Airlines — MNL>DOH + DOH>DME(Moscow) (5.279 Assorted Hot Mezzah)(3.05); DME>DOH + DOH>MNL(Manila) ( (5.286 Chili Mango Prawns)(2.42)
  2. Asiana Airlines — ICN>MNL(Manila) (6.048 Ssambap)(4.0)
  3. Korean Air — ICN>NAD(Nadi) (5.175 Prestigious Repast) (2.5); MNL>ICN(Incheon) (6.021 Bibimbap)(2.5); MNL>ICN + ICN>NAD(Nadi) (6.101 Coconut Carrot Cream Soup)(2.4); NAD>ICN + ICN>MNL(Manila) (6.111 Asparagus Cream Soup)(2.13)
  4. Philippine Airlines — MNL>MEL(Melbourne) (5.335 Chicken Tausi)(2.63)
  5. Etihad Airways — MNL>AUH + AUH>AMM(Amman) (6.154 Shakshouka)(1.58); AMM>AUH + AUH>MNL (Manila) (6.160 Zaalou-Crusted Chicken Breast)(1.69)
  6. Cathay Pacific Airways — HKG>MNL(Manila) (5.182 Har Gao)(1.0)
  7. Fiji Airways — NAD>HKG(Hong Kong) (5.181 Sliced Roast Lamb) (1.0)

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