6.238 Marinated Snapper, the Solomons Way


31 (Mon) August 2015

Marinated Snapper, the Solomons Way 


at Heritage Park Hotel [room service]



Mission to the Solomon Islands, Day 2 (see previously 6.237 Coconut Panna Cotta).

In Honiara.  Flew from Manila via Singapore via Brisbane, arriving this afternoon — 24 hours, door to door.  Tomorrow through Thursday, I’ll be helping to facilitate a workshop on national health policy planning. Leaving Friday, back in Manila by Saturday.

Heritage Park Hotel, the most expensive hotel in the country at SBD 2,314 per night (about USD 290), and that’s with UN discount — outrageous, considering the nominal per capita GDP is just over USD 1,500 — but it’s the only place with facilities adequate for a workshop.
The view from my room.
This can dispenser is a really really good idea.

As noted in yesterday’s post, I will be eating 6 in-flight meals on this trip, coming and going.

Meal #3: lunch (IE 701) (BNE > HIR)

Beef Stew (1.0) — would’ve been okay, if not so salty.

For dinner upon arrival, I opted to stay in the hotel and order room service, seeing that the menu offered a local item.

Turns out that “Solomons Way” involves essentially the same technique as Fijian kokonda (see for example 6.102 Bula Shrimp).

Unfortunately, the snapper was so fishy, despite the marinade, that I couldn’t get past a single bite.  Thinking maybe that’s just how they eat it here, I didn’t complain, not wanting to be a culturally ignorant/insensitive foreigner on his first day in the country.  Oh well.

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