6.255 Jjawang


17 (Thu) September 2015



by me

in my apartment

-Malate, Manila-


Jjawang is an instant jjajang myeon product.  Released in June, it’s currently all the rage.


Touted as a revolutionary advance, the only real difference is that the noodles are wider than with other brands (see for example 3.266 Chapaghetti).  And the inclusion of peas.  It still tastes fake.

2 thoughts on “6.255 Jjawang

  1. Totally agree. All the rage in CA as well. Cannot keep it in stock in the markets. Was expecting amazing quality but it was over rated.

    1. apparently, there was a news report that it was outselling the iconic Shin Ramyeon, which I find impossible to believe, unless it was limited to a specific market, like convenience stores.

      anyway, thanks for the feedback!!

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