6.280 Chamoru Pot Roast


12 (Mon) October 2015

Chamoru Pot Roast


at Taotao Tasi

-Tumon Bay, Guam-

with meeting participants

30 flags = 27 Member States of the Western Pacific + FRA, GBR, USA (which have territories in the region).

Mission to the United States, Day 3 (see previously 6.279 Mixed Sea Grill Platter).

In Guam.  Arrived Saturday morning.  Here to attend WPRO’s annual RCM — hottest event of the year — today through Thursday.  Flying back next Saturday.

Welcome Reception, courtesy of the United States government — as far as I can recall, this may be my first time getting treated by Uncle Sam.
A lot of emphasis on meat, in big chunks, grilled.
With couscous, easy on the parsley, like my very own (see for example 6.091 Couscous Tabouli).

The Chamoru Pot Roast turned out to be nothing more than beef braised in tomato sauce, essentially the same as Filipino mechado (see for example 5.241 An Aristocratic Feast…) — as previously mentioned, the food here is remarkably similar to the food in the Philippines (see generally 6.278 Chicken Kelaguen).

It was okay.

…and a show, consisting mostly of scantily clad girls jiggling their muffin tops.
Probably Pinay.

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