7.020 Chlie Shrimp Tacos


25 (Mon) January 2016

Chlie Shrimp Tacos


at On the Border

-Itaewon, Seoul-

with Dad


Emergency Sick Leave, Day 8 (see previously 7.019 Kalguksu).

In Seoul.  Arrived two weeks ago on a mission.  Injured my back last weekend (see generally 7.011 Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza).  Staying in town for treatment.  Aiming to return to Manila this Saturday.


The food was okay.  About as good, and authentic, as any mainstream Mexi-Cali/Tex-Mex family restaurant chain in the States.  The tacos, for example, had flour tortillas, not corn.  But overall not too bad.

If not to accommodate the conservative expectations of old folks (like my father) whose idea of Mexican cuisine is still embodied by Taco Bell, I’d rather eat at a simple real-deal taco joint (see for example 6.351 …Octopus Tacos) or a newfangled KOR-MEX fusion restaurant (see for example 3.181 Kimchi Carnitas Fries).

Chips & Salsa (3.0) — on the house.
Beef Enchiladas (3.0)

2 thoughts on “7.020 Chlie Shrimp Tacos

  1. funny u should mention that, I was toooootally thinking the same thing, and was going to address the issue in the soon upcoming post with you.

    probably looks like i’m faking it — WHICH I WAS NOT.

    i was cooped up in bed all day, so dinner was the one chance for me to get out daily and stretch my legs…..

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